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Chim Chimney Sweep, Cleaning & Repair

Chimney Sweep & Chimney Repair Service


Chim Chimney Sweep, Cleaning & Repair


730 W 885 S
Brigham City Utah 84302
United States



Our Chimney professionals specialize in the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of chimneys. They are trained and experienced in working with various types of chimneys, including masonry, metal, and prefabricated chimneys.

Chim Chimney professionals can provide a range of services to ensure that your chimney is safe and functional. These services may include:

Chimney inspections - A professional inspection can help identify potential problems and ensure your chimney is safe to use.

Cleaning your chimney regularly can help prevent the buildup and accumulation of debris that can lead to chimney fires.

Chimney Repairs: If your chimney has been damaged, a professional will be able to repair it and ensure that it's safe and functional.

Our Chimney professionals have the necessary licenses, insurance, and experience to work with your particular type of chimney. Chim Chimney guarantees that you will be choosing a reputable, reliable professional. Contact us for your Chimney troubles!


About Brigham City

Brigham City is a city in Box Elder County, Utah, United States. The population was 19,650 at the 2020 census, up from the 2010 figure of 17,899. It is the county seat of Box Elder County. It lies on the western slope of the Wellsville Mountains, a branch of the Wasatch Range at the western terminus of Box Elder Canyon. Brigham City saw most of its growth during the 1950s and 1960s but has seen a struggling economy and stagnating growth.



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Annette Randall

Chimney Inspection

We bought our wood stove from Chim Chiminey several years ago and have had them come and clean and inspect the chimney every 1-2 years. Each time, the technician was friendly, knowledgeable and very thorough in his inspection and cleaning. They do such a good job that I will continue to use them in the future. Let's face it - cleaning a chimney is a dirty job. But our guy left no trace of his being there, and left the stove and chimney sparkling clean as a wood stove can get! He also did a fire inspection in our attic and showed me videos of his cleaning process, which I thought was a nice bonus. They over-deliver and do a great job.

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